Keeping Up With Kinship 2/3.17

We strive to help youth in the greater metro area reach their full potential by matching them with caring and supportive mentors. 

Keeping Up with Kinship

Kinship provides quality mentoring for youth who face significant economic and social barriers, ages 5 to 18, living in the greater metropolitan area. The program connects children and youth with caring adults, couples and families. Furthermore, Kinship nurtures positive self-esteem and character development, strengthens connections to school and community, and is respectful & welcoming of all faiths.


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Meet A Match!

Mentor Theresa and mentee Parker are celebrating 5 years 5 months as a Kinship Match.
Prior to wrapping up her time at Kinship former Coordinator, Kelly deRosier had a chance to catch up with these two to see how things have been going.

Kelly: "To start, Theresa, why did you want to start mentoring? And Parker, Why did you want a mentor?"

Theresa: "My oldest son had just left for college and I was feeling both like I had extra time on my hands and that I wanted another young person in my life.  I guess I wasn't quite ready to start the 'empty nesting' process."

Parker: "To have someone to talk to other than my parents"


K: "What would say is the best attribute about your Kinship friend?"

T: "He has deep love for his family, both immediate and extended, is extremely well-mannered, and is very emotionally intelligent."

P: "She is loving and caring, always asks me questions, and wonders and cares how I'm doing"


K: " Of the years you've been together, what would you say has been your favorite spot/place/outing?"

T & P: "We both agree on this one!  W find ourselves at Chipotle more than any other spot.  We have spent many an hour conversing over a burrito at Chipotle."


K: "Theresa, If I knew someone who was thinking about mentoring a kinship kid, but they had doubts about being able to do it, what would you tell them?"

T: "Just do it!  It's a commitment of a few hours a week, but it's a lifetime of difference for a young person and for yourself."


K: "Parker, If you could tell a peer/friend why they should have a mentor what would you say?"

P: "You will have a friend for a very, very long time." 

Over 125 Kinship Kids are waiting to be matched with reliable, caring, and encouraging mentors like Danielle. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a mentor contact Kinship today! 

Community Partnership Recap

Our partnerships with various community agencies allows Kinship to make available free and low cost event opportunities.  A long running community partner that keeps our Kinship Mentor Matches and our Kinship Waiting List Families busy all year round is Tickets for Kids Charities.  This summer especially has been a busy one for all participants from theater, to sports, and even sports camps...Tickets for Kids ensures that all of our participants have access to experiences they other wise might not have access to.  Thank you Tickets for Kids, MN!  Finally a big thanks for Create A Memory, for inviting Kinship to your event again this year!  Kinship Kids got to meet players, be interviewed, and participate in fun activities at Twins Stadium!


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Sponsor Spotlight: 

Thank You to Thrivent Financial again this month, as you made sure our Kinship Kids went back to school with supplies to start this year off on a good note!  Thanks also to St. Philips Lutheran Church, Fridley for hosting us for our Back To School Game Day!

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“Without our sponsor’s Kinship of Greater Minneapolis would not be able to support the children, families, and relationships in our neighborhoods. Your generosity allows us to continue to provide quality supervision and support to our matches.

— Jerod Petersen