Keeping Up with Kinship 2018 Q.2

Kinship provides quality mentoring for youth who face significant economic and social barriers, ages 5 to 18, living in the greater metropolitan area. The program connects children and youth with caring adults, couples and families. Furthermore, Kinship nurtures positive self-esteem and character development, strengthens connections to school and community, and is respectful & welcoming of all faiths.

Survey Says...

2018 Annual Program Survey Results

The 2018 Annual Survey (conducted all of March) allowed us to gain important snap shots of match quality, gain valuable program input from all participants, and utilize key outputs from the findings to make sure our program is doing what we hope mentoring can do for our youth and volunteers!

This year marked a swell in survey response rate.  Most notable, youth and guardian responses were double the amount compared to last year's survey!

Here is a highlight of just a few of the results.

54 Youth participated in our 2018 survey:

91.8% of Kinship Kids report spending between 2-5 hours with their mentors per outing
95.9% of Kinship Kids report enjoying spending time with their mentor

When asked if they can talk to their Kinship Mentors about important things:
36.7% - Maybe - Sometimes, most times
61.2% - Yes - All the time

Kinship Kids reported that because of having a mentor....

Behavior impacts:
I do no hit others at home - 63.3%
I do not fight at school - 67.3%

Social & Emotional Impacts:
I try to treat others the way I want to be treated -  Yes - 83.7%
I feel like there are more adults that care about me - Yes - 85.7%
I have more options for my future - Yes - 81.6%

51 Parents & Guardians completed the survey:

94% of parents surveyed reported that their child spends 2-5 hours with their mentors per outing
95.9% of Parents surveyed are happy with frequency of visits
95.2% report that their family has benefited by having a Kinship Mentor
93.8% said that Kinship Mentoring has met their expectations

Guardian sound bites from the survery:

"Far exceeded anything I could have imagined 12 years ago"
"Having antoher adult that my child can trust is very important to me and that is what [our mentor] has shown us"
"The positive effect on m y son has done him good"

94 Mentors took part in our Survey:

98.8% report that they would recommend mentoring with Kinship to a friend or colleague
96.6% of mentors surveyed said mentoring has had a positive effect on their life
94.3% of mentors surveyed reported that mentoring was rewarding or more rewarding than they thought

Volunteer Sound bites:

"I fee adequately supported by the communication Kinship provides.  They are always ready and willing to provide me with resources and advice when needed"
"The initial training was good and also when I reached out with a concern I received very helpful information"
"Staff is always inquiring about how the match is going and what more needs to be done.  i also recieve many opportunities to go out and try new things"

Meet A Match!

Kinship 2018 Q2 Match Collage.jpg

Mentor Emily and Kinship Kid Eva are celebrating 3 years 2 months as a Kinship Match. 

Emily and Eva recently connected with their Kinship coordinator, Jerod Petersen.  Always curious about how the relationship is growing, we were able to check in and reflect on the past 3 years of their mentor match:


"To start, Emily, why did you want to start mentoring?  And Eva, why did you want a mentor?"


"I wanted to give back. I felt like I had a lot to give and my life was too centered around me. I felt like I'd received so many blessings that I wanted to share and mentoring seemed like a great way to do that. I was excited to meet a mentee and their family and see what they, in turn, could share with me."


"Because I thought it would be fun and nice to have somebody to be with just me."

J: "Has having a Kinship friend (mentor or kid) in your life had an impact on you? If so how?"


"Yes! It's given me a different perspective. Seeing the world through a child's eyes, Ella's eyes, has taught me a lot. It's made me cognizant of the effect I can have on others in a positive way if I let myself. It's taught me to be patient, it's taught me not to take anything in my life for granted, and it's just made me feel so blessed that Ella's allowed me to be part of her life."


"It's been good. It has made me feel important and it's nice to have attention from an adult."

J: " What have been one or two of your most memorable outings/adventures?"


Any of our trips to the Science Museum, any time we've gotten to hang out at the pool at Emily's apartment, and bowling!

J:  "What would you say is the best attribute about your Kinship Friend?  Explain why you shared what you did"


"Ella is kind, smart, curious and thoughtful. She always thinks of others, she cares deeply about animals, she's a great problem solver, she is independent, and she loves to learn."


"Emily is sweet, nice and kind, because she gets me stuff and she is flexible with her time."

J:  "What is something you've each come to learn about each other since you've been matched"?


"She is flexible and will do what I like to do. She is responsible and dependable."


"Ella loves crafts and experiments! She loves to be outdoors and around animals."

J: "Emily, If you knew someone who was thinking about mentoring a kinship kid,  but they had doubts about being able to do it, what would you tell them?"


If I could tell someone thinking about mentoring a Kinship kid, but they don't feel like they would be able to.....what would you say?

Do it!! It's not about planning extravagant events every week or worrying you'll say the wrong thing or spending a bunch of money - it's about the little things. Spending quality time together, supporting each other, watching your mentee grow, just being there for the little moments. 


"Do it! It's fun and you can do fun activities together."

Over 150 Kinship Kids are waiting to be matched with reliable, caring, and encouraging mentors like Emily. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a mentor contact Kinship today! 


Kinship's Second Quarter Mentor Matches of 2018:


Ryan & Jack  4/6/18

Joel & John 4/24/18

Lindsay & Armecia 4/24/18

Emma, Asa, and Yaw Hay 5/8/2018

Adam & Joshua 5/18/18

Lashawnda & Mya  5/26/2018

Scott & Jayden 5/31/18

"Every child needs at least one adult who is irrationally crazy about him or her."

- Urie Brofenbrenner

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Community Partnership Recap

Our partnerships with various community agencies allows Kinship to make available free and low cost event opportunities to our Kinship participants.  

Thank you to Tickets For Kids for all the donations they have made to our program.  Because of their donations of tickets you will see highlighted above a few pictures of some Kinship Families & Matches enjoying a collection of the first events of spring and summer!

A special thanks to Thrivent Financial who once again donated funds and whos volunteers packaged 100 Volunteer Appreciation bags in April, and 50 Back-to-school bags in early June!  This was accomplished via their Action Leadership Training Team!  These appreciation bags were awarded to this years Mentor Connects, a late April Volunteer gathering, and eleven mentors who's matches formally closed as their Kinship Kids aged out by graduating this past May/June!  CONGRATS to our 11 Kinship Grads!  

It may be too soon to think about back to school seems, but Kinship is already planning our annual Back to School kick-off in August.  These back packs will supply our attendees of this year's event with a new book bag and all the supplies to start the school year off right!

Finally a special thanks to St. Philip's Lutheran in Fridley, who has generously once again offered us their space for summer info sessions and April's mentor connect meeting sites.

Spring has Sprung! 
Let the Summer Fun Begin!!

As winter gives way to the spring and summer our mentor matches have again been enjoying Mentoring activities outdoors!

Here's just a few snap shots from some of our Kinship Participants:

Kinship Participants taking in fine art experiences through our partnerships with various theater companies & Tickets for Kids

SKY ZONE Annual Jump Party

Annual Survey Raffel Winners!

- Target Shopping Spree - 

Pictured (right)- Tess and her mentor using their winnings to buy college dorm necessities

Pictured (left) - Anna and her Kinship Kid who used their winnings to buy healthy kits they plan to give to homeless on an upcoming outing! 

Sponsor Spotlight: 

Thanks again to Thrivent Financial for your generous support and donation of Thank You Gifts for Mentors & Back To School Supplies for our Kinship Kids!     


            There is always more need for your financial support and you can offer that                   here: .  


Please find below a list of this Quarter's church, foundation, and agency based supporters!

Great River Gives

Allina Health Community Engagement

Calvary Lutheran Church of Golden Valley

InFaith Community Foundation

Downtown Minneapolis Kiwanis Foundation

The Hope Esparolini Fund

Thrivent Financial

Tickets for Kids Charity

We were happy to host Schultz Family Foundation & Carlson Family Foundation this quarter for their ongoing support of all we do!

And the many individuals who show us your support!
Especially this quarter:

Mark Forsberg - Charles Kleinsteuber - Paul & Marcella Petersen