Mentoring Matters


Kinship Greater Twin Cities (KGTC), a program of Greater Minneapolis Community Connections (formerly Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches), invites individuals, couples and families into mentoring relationships with boys and girls ages 5-18.  Mentors and mentees are carefully matched based on common interests, aspirations and, when desired, faith connections. Focused on building lasting friendships through fun activities and quality time, the mentoring program creates sustained, supportive connections capable of giving kids the life skills they need to succeed.


Kinship's mentoring model requires mentors to spend 2-4 hours per week with their mentee and are encouraged to participate in community events and activities centered around the child's interests. Discovering new experiences together is also encouraged, opening the door for academic, social, and emotional growth. Life skills and work preparedness are also essential to our mentoring model, as well as optimism for the future and healthy living.


Kinship believes in the importance of reading and encourages mentors to provide academic support with homework whenever needed. Kinship also provides resources and training to help with academic development. 


Kinship knows that role modeling a balanced social and emotional relationship will have a lasting impression on a child. We train and encourage mentors to remain supportive by responding with empathy rather than reacting with judgments.

Life Skills

Real life experiences are essential to building life skills, setting the stage for work preparedness, optimism for the future and healthy living. Kinship supports these goals by providing monthly calendars full of fun events and activities for mentor matches to do together. 

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Be a Mentor 

Kinship actively invites individuals, couples and families into mentoring relationships with boys and girls ages 5-18, we'd love to have you join!

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Refer a Child 

Kinship carefully matches all referred children with mentors based on common interests and connections to faith if applicable. 

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